Published: 02nd December 2010
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Online application development business is growing fast at a rapid rate . If you think of developing a website every one is preferring PHP against all other programming languages because PHP has its own advantages like compatibility,easy way of development and cost effectiveness .PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages which every one is using in developing a simple website with any of Content Management Features or ecommerce facilitated applications with Shopping cart system. It is easy to integrate Content and shopping management systems with database .And also it is a open source application it is cost effective with low budget ,stable ,secure ,easy to use and more user friendly.PHP is initially called as personal home page as called by Rasmus Lerdorf and later it is evolved as PHP Hypertext Preprocessor .Since 1994 PHP has been evolving as an open source application.

The beauty of PHP programming lies in its simplicity as it is easy to understand and learn,.PHP doesnot uses more system resources so it runs fast this is the primary advantage of using PHP and one more thing is that it doesnot allow other process to slow down. PHP maintains security levels in .ini file and it has various level of security to prevent malicious attacks. Using PHP we can get more cost effective solutions. In India we will find there are large number of web development companies with highly qualified PHP developers available who can build web applications with high end functionality with a fast and secure website using PHP applications.

Advantages of using PHP application

Using PHP you can integrate various dynamic visual applications.Inorder to provide high dynamic visual touch in the website by applying Flash, Ajax, Flex etc PHP goes very fine with these applications to build in a easy and effective manner. PHP also has its own grahics enhancement and modification library which can produce excellent graphic and visual effects to our website and also we can modify the existing applied graphical effects in to our required once in the website. When comes to compatibility PHP is compatible with almost all server platforms. We can run PHP application on Windows,Linux,Mac etc.we can choose linux programming if we are preferring for a low cost development website.

Since it is a open source application we can fix bugs easily with out any setbacks .If we choose any other application apart from PHP we will need to develop that module separtely and it will cost more and it is difficult to do bug fixing immediately.PHP application will produce immediate and fast results when compared to any other progrmming language and also PHP uses less coding in developing an application and it has an excellent memory building option which will help us ingathering outside object codes very less and this is the primary option which is more user friendly for search engines.

Inorder to develop high end structure and more complicated web pages design or website design for a high end applicationn there is an excellent integration and matching with databases like My sql or MS-SQL which is mere important factor.PHP has good connective abilities which uses a modular system of extensions which can have an interface with many libraries which can allow user to write thier own extensions for their programs and compile them and execute and load using a dynamic load mechanism.

PHP has various database and server interfaces which helps to support manu databases and also PHP repository is loaded with these interfaces and modules in which users have written and contributed. Using PHP you can also add dynamic content to your website and it is easy to integrate well with many platforms and using its community you can share the required infomation as it is an open source.

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